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Continuous Certification Annual Fee $500

Time Limited Diplomates ~ Continuous Certification Annual Fee is $500.

If your certificate was issued in 1990 or later, you are required to participate in Continuous Certification. The annual fee is mandatory and must be paid by December 31st of each year in order to “Meet Continuous Certification Requirements”.

Unlimited Diplomates ~ Continuous Certification Annual Dues is $200.

Participation in Continuous Certification is voluntary for those diplomates who were certified prior to 1990 are classified as “Unlimited”.

Instructions for paying your Continuous Certification Annual Fee by credit card:

Click on Login memberlogin
Enter your Username and Password
Click on MOC

Click on the Pay button in your MOC profile. This will take you to the shopping cart to submit your payment via credit card.  Be sure to choose Annual Continuous Certification Fee $500.00.

We do not accept credit card payments over the phone.

As soon as the payment is applied to your account, you will see the date listed under the column of the year payment is due/received.

Instructions for paying your Annual Continuous Certification Fee by check or money order:

Mail your check or money order to:

American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery
20600 Eureka Road, Suite 600
Taylor, MI  48180

How payments are applied?

Please note that payments are applied to the oldest outstanding Continuous Certification Fee in order to avoid certificate revocation.  Non-payment at three-year intervals will result in revocation of ABCRS certification.   Payment received on current day will be applied to outstanding annual Certlink fee year.

Continuous Certification Annual Fee – Late Fee

Diplomates are subject to a $100 late fee if the Continuous Certification annual fee is not paid by December 31st of each year. Any payment received after December 31st will be considered late and the $100 late fee will apply. Noncompliance during a three-year cycle will result in revocation of ABCRS certification. All unpaid fees must be paid prior to reinstating certification. During this time any verification performed will show an uncertified status.

Reinstatement Fee

Diplomates who have let their certification lapse and wish to reenter the process, will be charged a $500 Reinstatement Fee, plus back fees for each year that diplomate is in arrears.

How to View your Payment History and Print Receipts

Click on Login memberlogin
Enter your Username and Password
Click on Financial
Click on  Receipt

If you have any questions regarding your Continuous Certification Status or Fees, please contact the office at 734-282-9400 during the business hours of Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm EST or email abcrsadmin@abcrs.org.

PLEASE NOTE: During this transitional period some of our Diplomates will be on the old three-year cycle while some will be on the five-year cycle when they begin CertLink™.