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Lifetime Certificate Holders (Certified Prior to 1990)

ABCRS Diplomates certified prior to 1990 are not required to participate in MOC in order to remain certified but are strongly encouraged to do so. As ABMS reporting is directed toward MOC participation rather than certification status, a lifetime certified Diplomate who chooses not to participate in MOC would be listed on the ABMS website as “Not participating in MOC”. Conversely, a lifetime-certified Diplomate who voluntarily participates in MOC and is meeting MOC requirements will be listed as “Participating in MOC”. Users will be able to click on a link from the ABMS website to the ABCRS website for an explanation of lifetime certification status. There will be a disclaimer on the ABCRS website for all lifetime certificate holders that states, “Prior to 1990 certification by the American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery was granted for life. These certified colon and rectal surgeons are not required to recertify or to participate in Maintenance of Certification, but are strongly encouraged to do so.”

The American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery granted you a lifetime certificate prior to 1990, and we are proud to stand by our commitment to your permanent lifetime certificate. However, we feel obligated to bring you up to date on new benchmarks of quality that may affect your future. Regulatory, licensing, and accrediting bodies are developing tougher standards related to physician quality, such that the old models of lifetime certification and infrequent periodic recertification are losing credibility.Organizations outside the ABCRS are increasingly looking for certification to be a continuous process and are less likely to accept a credential awarded 20 or more years ago as evidence of a physician’s ability to provide quality medical care.

We encourage you to enroll into the MOC process because maintaining certification is a commitment to quality and influences better care. Once you pass your examination and provide a copy of your unrestricted license to practice, you will be automatically enrolled in the ABCRS MOC program and will be listed on our public Web site as “Participating in  MOC”. Information will then be sent to the ABMS as they publicly report physician’s status of participating in the MOC program requirements as well.

How To:  Apply For The MOC Exam 

If you are interested in voluntarily recertifying and taking the MOC Exam  call the board office at 734-282-9400. A MOC Profile will be created for you and then you can apply for  recertification. Here are the steps below that you will need to accomplish as soon as you contact the ABCRS office and a MOC profile has been created for you.

Website www.abcrs.org

  • Click on Login Services
  • Enter your User Name and Password
  • Click on Forms

Step One: Maintenance of Certification Application Click on Start Fill out your MOC application on line, submit electronically, print and sign. Submit the hard copy to the Board office along with the $350 MOC application fee. We accept credit card payments, check or money order. To submit your MOC application fee by credit card, follow the same instructions above and Click on Pay Fees.

Step Two: Operative Experience Record – Click on the Print Button. This list should include all colon and rectal operative procedures performed in the previous 12 months. Include both hospital (inpatient) and office (outpatient and less than 24-hours stay) procedures.

Step Three: Photo ID CardClick on the Print Button.Attach a 3”x 3” photograph, sign and submit with your MOC application.

Steps One through Three above need to be completed and submitted to the Board office. Upon receipt of your MOC application a MOC profile will be created for you listing your MOC cycle years, components and requirements.

MOC applications will be reviewed and you will be notified regarding MOC application approval along with Pearson Vue testing center registration information. Once you pass your MOC examination you will receive additional information explaining your MOC requirements for Part I, II and IV every three years; Part III (Cognitive Exam) is required every ten years.

Starting 2018 the $500 Annual MOC Fee will be reduced to $200 for unlimited Diplomates volunteering to enter MOC.

Part I, II and IV of ABCRS MOC – Every Three Years

ABCRS will continue to communicate with each Diplomate that has enrolled in MOC with detailed instructions regarding Part I, II and IV of ABCRS MOC. A detailed explanation regarding Part I, II and IV requirements can be found on our website by clicking on MOC then Part I, II or IV. Click here for details Part I, Part II,Part IV

For specific MOC inquiries, please contact the ABCRS office at (734) 282-9400 or e-mail at cozog@abcrs.org


The American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery granted you a lifetime certificate prior to 1990, and we are proud to stand by our commitment to your permanent lifetime certificate.

At one time, our Board requested contributions and donors were allowed a tax deduction. However, several years ago the IRS changed our status to a 501c, making Board contributions only partially tax deductible. Dues, on the other hand, are considered a business deduction. Consequently, our statements now request dues to allow you to take the full business deduction.

Payment is voluntary for all lifetime Diplomates that are not participating in MOC.

Starting 2018 a $200 Annual MOC Fee Payment is required for all lifetime Diplomates that are voluntarily enrolled in ABCRS MOC.

If you have received an electronic invoice or received an invoice in the mail and wish to be removed from the Voluntary Dues mailing list, please call our office at (734) 282-9400.