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MOC Fee Schedule

MOC Application Fee
A non refundable fee of $350 (U.S.) shall accompany the MOC application at the time you apply to take your MOC exam. The MOC application fee is due by September 1st, prior to the year you register to take your MOC exam (Recertification) which is required every ten years.

Late Application Fee 
Recognizing that a situation may arise that prevents an applicant from meeting the September 1st deadline, the Board has a provision for late applications. Late applications are those that are postmarked from September 2nd-October 1st each year.

There is a non refundable late registration fee of $200 bringing the total processing fee of a late application to $550.  No applications will be accepted postmarked after October 1st.

MOC Examination Fee
A fee of $750 (U.S.) is due and payable when the candidate is notified of approval to take the MOC Examination. A fee of $950 will be charged for any MOC Examination fee received between February 16th-February 23rd.

MOC Reexamination Fee
Reexamination fees are $750 for each reexamination.

Withdrawal from Examination
An applicant who withdraws must notify the Board at least ten (10) business days before a scheduled examination. An applicant who fails to appear for examination, or who withdraws without giving at least ten (10) days notice as defined above, will forfeit $200 of the designated examination fee and will have to resubmit the forfeited amount before being admitted to the next scheduled examination. The applicant is responsible to cancel their appointment at Pearson Vue Testing Center.

MOC Annual Fee 

Starting 2018 the $300 Annual Fee will be raised to $500.

If your certificate was issued in 1990 or later, you are required to participate in MOC. The annual MOC fee is mandatory and must be paid by December 31st of each year in order to “Meet MOC Requirements”.  The $500 Annual MOC Fee will be reduced to $200 for unlimited Diplomates (certificate issued prior to 1990) volunteering to enter MOC.

How are payments applied to the MOC annual fee?  Payments are applied to the oldest outstanding fee in order to avoid certificate revocation.  Non-payment at three-year intervals will result in revocation of ABCRS certification.

Late MOC Annual Fee
Diplomates are subject to a $100 late fee if the MOC annual fee is not paid by December 31st of each year. Any payment received after December 31st will be considered late and the $100 late fee will apply. Noncompliance during a three-year cycle will result in revocation of ABCRS certification. All un-paid fees must be paid prior to reinstating certification. During this time any verification performed will show an uncertified status.

Reinstatement Fee
Diplomates who have let their certification lapse and wish to reenter the process, will be charged a $500 Reinstatement Fee, plus back fees for each year that diplomate is in arrears.

Payment Instructions
Submit a check or money order to:
American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery
20600 Eureka Road, Suite 600
Taylor, MI 48180

Credit Card Payment
Click on Login Services
Enter your Username and Password
Click on Submit
Click on Pay Fees
Choose the proper fee to pay in your shopping cart
We do not accept credit card payments over the phone

All fees submitted for MOC are non refundable.

Fees are subject to change as directed by the Board.