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MOC News

 As of January 1, 2018 the MOC Annual Fee has been increased to $500 for all Diplomates whose Certificates were issued issued in 1990 or later. The MOC Annual Fee for those who are voluntarily in the MOC program (Diplomates who were issued a Certificate prior to 1990) are required to pay $200.

As of January 1, 2018 the Unlimited Annual Dues have been increased to $200. This is a voluntary payment. No MOC requirements are due. If you would no longer like to receive a statement please call the Board Office at 734-282-9400.

April 27, 2016 – ABCRS is pleased to announce we are participating in a pilot with the American Board of Medical Specialties MOC Assessment Initiative and CertLink™ Technology Platform.

What is CertLink? CertLink™ is the platform that will support ABCRS to pilot longitudinal assessment models with spaced repetition. It will offer formative feedback and explore how to identify knowledge gaps in order to help inform and direct physicians to the appropriate resources for continuous professional development. Click here  ABMS Announces CertLink Platform to read the ABMS News Release.

  • The Soft Launch, April 2-June 30, 2018, will be comprised of those who passed their Oral Exam on September 16, 2017, Members of the ABCRS Board, and Members of the MOC Committee of the Board.
  • More information will be forthcoming for future cohorts, whom we expect to include within the year, based on the first Quarter Pilot.
  • Please read the CertLink™ tab for more information!

NOTE: It is imperative that your ABCRS Profile is up-to-date with your correct email address. This will be your main point of contact with CertLink™ and your future CertLink™ Username!

Monitor Your ABCRS MOC STATUS    Check your ABCRS MOC status at any time by logging on to your ABCRS MOC Profile page. Click here for instructions http://www.abcrs.org/my-abcrs-personal-profile-timetable/

Resources for ABCRS MOC – Part II  View the ABCRS website for additional resources to obtain Category I CME credit for Part II of MOC. Click here http://www.abcrs.org/resources-for-cme/

Keep Your ABCRS Profile Updated – ABCRS sends reminder emails to all diplomates regarding MOC deadlines and requirements for which we have valid email addresses. We strongly encourage you to update your contact information by signing into the ABCRS website at www.abcrs.org Click here for instructions. http://www.abcrs.org/my-abcrs-personal-profile-timetable/

Check your ABCRS MOC Fee payment history and print receipts at any time by logging on to your ABCRS Financial page. Click here for instructions http://www.abcrs.org/annual-moc-fee/

ABCRS MOC Assistance Contact the Continuous Certification Coordinator Cindy Ozog at the ABCRS office at cozog@abcrs.org or (734) 282-9400