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  •  Click on MOC

This is your personal MOC profile/timetable which represents your ABCRS MOC components and requirements. Detailed instructions are located in your personal MOC profile (you must login). If you do not have your username and password, call the board office at (734) 282-9400. All MOC forms that need to be filled out for Part I of ABCRS MOC and returned to the board office are located in your personal MOC profile. We allow self-attestation for Part II and Part IV.

On the left click on the titles hi-lighted in blue for detailed instructions. Please note the yellow boxes under the columns represent the year in which your requirement is due. Yellow boxes signify action needed, green signifies requirement is complete. Part I, II and IV run in three-year cycles. The earliest we will accept documentation is Jan 1 and the latest is Dec 31. ABCRS accepts self-reporting for Part II and Part IV, however, we will audit a certain number of diplomates for the accuracy of the data. Part III – Cognitive Exam (Recertify) run in ten-year cycles and we offer registration two years prior to certificate expiration. The MOC application is filled out prior to the year that you are recertifying (every ten years).

Detailed Instructions are available for the following:

  • Definition of Meeting ABCRS MOC Requirements
  • Annual MOC Fee
  • Part I
  • Part II
  • Part III
  • Part IV
  • Reciprocity

Detailed instructions are also located on our website (you do not have to login) by clicking on: Maintenance of Certification then choosing one of the drop down menus – Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV or Annual MOC Fee


ABCRS sends reminder emails to all diplomates regarding MOC deadlines and requirements for which we have valid email addresses. We strongly encourage you to update your contact information by signing into the ABCRS website at www.abcrs.org

Follow the below instructions to keep your Profile current:

Click on Login
Enter your Username and Password
Click on Profile
Click on Edit (Enter changes as needed)
Click on Submit