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In 2018, ABCRS launched a new Continuous Certification Assessment program.   This longitudinal assessment model is delivered through the CertLink Assessment Platform powered by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and has replaced the high-stakes Part III Cognitive Written Exam which was required  every 10 years.

Diplomates who certified in 1990 or later are required to participate in the ABCRS Continuous Certification Program.   At the time of enrollment into the CertLink program, a diplomate must hold a certificate issued by ABCRS and should also be current on all other aspects of Continuous Certification including ABCRS annual fees, Part I, Part II and Part IV.  Expiration of a certificate will not disqualify a candidate from entering the CertLink process however; the applicant can not claim certification in the interim.

What is CertLink?

CertLink is an online platform that delivers Quarterly questions to ABCRS Diplomates.  We anticipate this will foster growth in medical knowledge, continuous certification and professional development.  CertLink was created through a partnership between ABMS and FIGmd, a leading provider of clinical data registry platforms.

When do I enroll in CertLink?

With the exception of Diplomates and Board Members who participated in the pilot, enrollment is based on your last certfication/recertification date.   ABCRS has committed that all diplomates will have a summative evaluation every 5 years.  The timing of the last certification determines the CertLink enrollment date. Diplomates will continue under the current MOC platform and guidelines until entering CertLink.

Last Certification                                                 Year 1 of CertLink Enrollment

2010  – 2014                                                         January 2020

2015                                                                     January 2021

2016                                                                     January 2022

2017                                                                     January 2023

2018 and later                                                      January 2024

Diplomates newly certified (years 2017 and thereafter) are enrolled in the CertLink program at the time of certification.

Already enrolled in CertLink?  Click here to access the CertLink program.

What do I need to do?

Diplomates eligible to register for CertLink will be notified by email with registration information.  Therefore, it is imperative that you make sure all of your contact information (especially your email address) is correct and up to date.    Contact information can be updated by logging in to your account through the website portal.

Can Diplomates with “unlimited” certification participate in CertLink?

Yes!  The Board believes that a longitudinal assessment benefits all physicians, and we encourage all Diplomates not currently participating in MOC to request enrollment into CertLink by contacting the Board office.

Are there any additional costs to participate in CertLink?

There are no additional fees to participate in CertLink.    You will only have to continue to pay your annual fees or dues.

Time Limited Diplomates ~ Continuous Certification Annual Fee is $500.

If your certificate was issued in 1990 or later, you are required to participate in Continuous Certification. The annual fee is mandatory and must be paid by December 31st of each year in order to “Meet Continuous Certification Requirements”.

Unlimited Diplomates ~ Continuous Certification Annual Dues is $200.

Participation in Continuous Certification is voluntary for those diplomates who were certified prior to 1990 are classified as “Unlimited”.

What if my certification expired for not meeting requirements?

Re-entry will require submission of the following items:   past dues, CME requirements, Chief of Staff Evaluation form, and documentation of Hospital Privileges.

What if I’m not up to date on the other Continuous Certification/MOC requirements (Parts I, II and IV) when it’s time to enroll in CertLink?

Diplomates who are eligible to enroll in CertLink and have not met other program requirements at the time of registration will be unable to take the assessment until those requirements have been fulfilled.

Are there any changes to the other Continuous Certification/MOC requirements (Parts I, II and IV)?

With the implementation of a longitudinal assessment program (CertLink), we are currently transitioning to a 5-year cycle for all requirements (Part I, Part II and Part IV).

Need more information?

Please feel free to contact the ABCRS office at CertLink@abcrs.org or  Sherry Whitenburg, Continuous Certification Coordinator at 734-282-9400.