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A candidate who has failed either the written or oral portion of the examination may be re-examined after one year has lapsed.

A candidate who fails to pass either the written or oral portion of the examination may repeat that part of the examination twice, thus, offering the candidate three opportunities to pass each part of the examination.

A candidate who fails to pass either the written or oral portion of the examination three times may not repeat the examination without satisfactory completion of an approved remedial colon and rectal residency program and submission of a new application for examination.  A copy of the remedial training guidelines may be found at remedialtrainingguidelines.pdf.


A candidate must apply to the Board’s certification process within three years after the completion of approved colon and rectal training.

Special Re-entry Policy

Candidates who apply after the prescribed three-year period (late applicants) must observe the Board’s special re-entry policy.  The requirements include: submission of updated background and training information, a current list of operative procedures with Minimum Colorectal Case Numbers are as follows:  Surgical Management: Anorectal Procedures – 12; Colorectal Abdominal Procedures – 24; Endoscopy – 37; Disease Management: Anorectal – 20, Colorectal Abdominal – 20), documentation of 100 Category I CME credit hours (two years prior to the application date), and a $350 processing fee (in addition to the regular application fees).   Late candidates will undergo a Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) search to ensure there are no restrictions pending against their license.  Also, verification from the Chief of Surgery from their institution/hospital will be requested attesting to the ethical/moral standing of the applicant.  Pending approval of these requirements, the applicant may submit the standard Application for Examination (along with the required fees) to the Board. Complete details may be obtained by writing the Board office.

For all certification applicants, the August 15th prior to the examination date is the deadline for receipt of late entry application materials and the $750 application fee ($400 regular & $350 special processing fee).

The entire Board certification process must be successfully completed within seven years following approval of the formal application.  In addition, a candidate whose application for examination has been approved, but who does not take the examination within three years, must submit a new application.

In exceptional or unusual circumstances the Board (through its Standards and Credentials Committee) may, at its discretion, waive one or more of these limitations.